KONGsicles: The Recipe

April 23, 2016

Is your dog bored? Becoming destructive? Anxious? Put them to work!

In contrast with thousands of years of evolution of working hard to capture, kill and devour their food, our modern dogs have their meal in a bowl gently placed in front of them, ready to eat.

In recent years, we have seen a rise in popularity of work-to-eat practices, such as slow feeding bowls, which make mealtimes interactive and fun. Slower eating also helps to reduce the incidence of gas, as well as the occurrence of bloat.

Another way to have your dog work to eat is by offering KONGsicles! Easy to make and fulfilling to eat, your dog will appreciate this yummy treat.

What you need:

  • Kong
  • Dry kibble
  • Wet dog food
  1. Put kibble in bowl. Mix in two spoonfuls of wet food. (ratio of approximately 2/3 kibble to 1/3 wet). Makes mushy paste.
  2. Add spoonful of water.  Consistency should be ‘goopy’.
  3. Scoop mixture into kong. Not super tight, air pockets are good.
  4. Stand up in freezer to freeze!

What you get:

Twenty minutes of your dog’s energy expended! Boredom prevented. Destruction prevented. Fun had!

Share a photo or video on our Facebook page of your dog enjoying a homemade KONGsicle!

Thanks to Service Dog Academy for the inspiration.




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