When Pets and Rock Mix (So Much More Than a Pet Rock)

July 13, 2016

Singer songwriter Sia and drummer Patty Schemel made me throw my coffee on my car ceiling last week.

I was sitting in the parking lot at a veterinary office, two massive Rhodesian Ridgebacks trying to make room for themselves in the backseat. I was intending to get their nails clipped in moments. Just before exiting my car, a little ding indicated a new text had come through on my phone. Knowing I’d be hands full for the next while, I decided to check it first, while sipping a last swig of way-old coffee.

That is when my coffee hit the ceiling. It was a text from Patty, my friend and crazy dog lover, that said:

“Sia is paying the balance. She loves dogs. She’s a saint.”

The Day Before

The weekend before, Patty had spent time with my foster dog, Buddy (his story here). Well, Buddy spent time on Patty’s lap, to be precise. Buddy has a huge growth on his rear foot. It has become so large, he is requiring a toe amputation surgery.

We set up a fundraising page for him, and just shy of half of the required estimate of $2,000 had been donated by caring and generous friends and neighbors. I was beginning to lose sleep over how we would raise the balance. After meeting Buddy, Patty had kindly shared Buddy’s fundraising page on her social media to get the word out. And she asked Sia to kindly do the same.

And then Patty’s text came through! Sia donated the remainder needed for Buddy to get his surgery!

That same day, we made Buddy’s appointment for pre-anaesthetic bloodwork to be done. His surgery is forthcoming.

These two women spend their time living and breathing music. And as many artists do, they lend their voices and influence to causes near and dear to them. We are so lucky one of those causes is the welfare of dogs.

Sia, who is a vegan, participated in an advertisement for PETA with her dog, Pantera, to encourage pet neutering. Sia has also joined other publicly known figures for the “Oscar’s Law” campaign, in protest against large-scale pet breeding. She is also a supporter of the Beagle Freedom Project, performing “I’m in Here” live at the Beagle Freedom Project Gala 2013.

Patty leaves and breathes dog. Although she has two, there are always more than two at her house, with dog friends visiting regularly. She donates her time to local rescues in creative ways. Last year, she was an entertaining judge at the City of Los Angeles’ Halloween costume contest in Silver Lake. Her love for dogs runs deep, demonstrated by her credentials as a training and behavior consultant. Mostly, however, it’s Patty’s connection with these four-leggeds that shines through when she’s with them. She really ‘sees’ them, each unique and special and open to love.

I was incredibly touched by such generosity for our little terrier who had lost his human parents only months before. He has had so much loss and change in a short while. For Patty and Sia and all of our friends to have supported our little Buddy, who they hardly even know, is so incredibly touching. Any words don’t seem to convey the depth of my gratitude. For you have helped Buddy enormously. But also, you have once again reminded me that we are all connected. And in our creative ways, we can make a world of difference for the littlest of creatures. And that means the world to that creature. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. #teambuddy

Leanne Southall
The Long Leash Dog Walkers
Pasadena, California



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