Learn Why Seniors Love Dog Walkers

April 29, 2016

Seniors and their pets are a beautiful thing. Besides the unconditional love shared, the benefits of people walking their dogs include improving leg strength and increasing endurance, as well as being linked to lower risk of heart disease. Dogs are also helpful in social interactions, meaning other people talk to people if they’re out walking their dog.

However, as we age, we may need help from time to time. Although it may not seem obvious to reach out to a dog walker if you are home during the day with your dog yourself, many seniors are filling in necessary gaps by calling in a professional dog walkers. Here are a few ways seniors find dog walkers helpful to have in their lives.


In the hotter summer months, or rainy season when joints can get achy or sidewalks slippery, a dog walker can take over walking duties temporarily, to maintain your dog’s social and physical well-being.


If you find your living situation changing, you may not have the ability to simply open the back door to a backyard. Rather, you may have elevators or steps to contend with to let your dog out for a bathroom break. If you are experiencing less mobility, you may not be able to walk your dog as much as you did even one year ago. As a result, dogs can become anxious, craving an opportunity to sniff around the neighborhood and take in the great outdoors. Even a short neighborhood walk three times a week will go a long way for a dog who is craving social stimulation.


Knee, hip, back or other surgeries for people can often require up to six weeks of gentle but controlled strengthening afterwards. Hiring a dog walker for the interim healing process can the peace of mind that you need to know your dog’s exercise routine will not be interrupted.


If you go away, your dog walker may also offer pet sitting services. In this case, your dog walker already has a relationship with your dog. Not only can they care for your pets while you’re away, they can also manage tasks around your home too: rotating lights, taking trash out, collecting your mail, and watering your plants.


In the unfortunate event of an unexpected illness requiring hospital care, you and your extended family can reach out to your dog walker to help arrange petcare in the interim. A good dog walker will work with your family to ensure your pet is safe and comfortably cared for. Just one more person in your support loop who already has your key, and is only a phone call away.


Certain dementias and other conditions can affect eyesight, particularly at sunset when shadows can be cast. This is a risk for losing balance, or even falls. A reliable dog walker can fill just the gap, by providing your dog’s evening walk each day. Both the dog walker and yourself will look forward to seeing one another, as well as your dog!

As we age, we may need help in different aspects of our lives. Hiring a professional dog walker means having another reliable, trustworthy person in your community of people who are available to care and support you.

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